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I’m thrilled to be bringing you a review of another children’s book today – The Boy Who Breathed Underwater.

About the book

When lying in his bed, a boy is visited by a genie. He is given a week to try out different superhero powers. What adventures will he have, and which power will he choose to keep?

What did I think?

The Boy Who Breathed Underwater is a delightful story that will appeal to all dreamers, young and old. A genie visits a young boy one night and gives him the chance to try a different superpower every day. The genie promises to return in a week, saying that whichever superpower the boy is using that day will be the one he will keep. Each day the boy tries something new, from being invisible to flying to being super strong. By the end of the week he has made a big decision, and one that is a great message to share.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, which is accompanied by fantastically fun illustrations. I think it raises great talking points about the value of our individuality. It also nicely demonstrates the importance of having confidence in ourselves.

As always, with children’s books, it is not only my opinion that counts! I read The Boy Who Breathed Underwater to my two younger children (aged nine and six). At the end of the story they turned to me with excited eyes, and said that they think it is “excellent”. My nine year old said it is a super way to show that imagination is important, but that we are all special the way we are too. I couldn’t agree more!

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About the author
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Izzy Rees was born in West London, but has spent the last thirty years living in Derby. Ten years ago, when her three girls were young, she began work on a series of rhyming picture books, created in snatched moments, and initially written on small scraps of paper or whatever was available. She always intended to revisit them, and Covid and lockdown presented the opportunity; unable to continue her work as a neurophysiotherapist, working with vulnerable patients, she decided it was now or never! She has written six books so far in the ‘The Boy Who’ series, The Boy Who Breathed Underwater being the first one. The others will be published in the near future.

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N.B. I reviewed this book as part of the blog book tour, organised by Rachel of Rachel’s Random Resources. Thank you to Rachel and to Izzy for a copy of the book and for supplying the images. All opinions are my own. For more information please take a look at my disclosure page.