The Joy of Online Learning

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Laptop on a table ready for online learning

Accessible online learning has become an essential distraction for many during the pandemic. It gives a form of relief from the often difficult news reports, and can keep our minds active during periods of time when we are confined to our homes. With more and more courses popping up though, what can you find to suit you?

I have written about an art therapy course previously which is available on Udemy. This is a super platform, boasting over 100,000 courses available for online learning. These include the arts, digital technology, personal development and business related studies.

Currently, I have engaged my focus in writing courses which are being run through BBC Maestro. I bought 2 courses on a great offer, and I notice that reductions are often available so it is worth keeping your eyes peeled for those. Aside from writing, you can learn the art of cooking, songwriting and dog training, amongst others. All in the comfort of your own home and learning from industry experts.

Future Learn is another super platform that offers courses across a broad range of subjects. I have undertaken another writing course through this site, and found that it was very well managed with excellent feedback when my work was marked. There are a wide variety of subjects covered, ranging from short courses to degree level qualifications. The price points are very reasonable, and again I have bought courses when they have been on offer. There are a few payment options on this platform for online learning, so if you are thinking of taking more than one course you might want to have a good look to see what best suits your budget.

If you are after extra skills that are job specific, it is worth checking out the government website. Through this you can be supported with gaining level 3 qualifications and even going on course related bootcamps. These are free so be sure to read the requirements carefully to check that you are eligible.

During the first few weeks of 2021, my eldest son and I completed an online course which was run by our local council. We chose to study film, but there were several options available aimed at families or adults wishing to expand their knowledge. Again, many of these are free, so check your local adult and community learning scheme for more information.

Whatever course you might decide to embark on, I think that online learning is providing an excellent opportunity for everyday escapism. Enabling yourself to deep dive into a subject matter or hobby that you love, is a wonderful form of self-care too.

Online learning can take many forms