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Time Traveller Guest Post Series

Time Traveller Guest Post Series

Welcome to my Time Traveller series!

I love history, from the dark depths of centuries gone past, to more recent years. So I’ve reached out to my fellow bloggers and asked if they could go back in time, when would they travel to and why?

This week I’m joined by Sonia from Buzymum:

Oh my goodness, what a question, it really got me thinking! Though I find history interesting, especially since my kids have gotten into ‘Horrible Histories’, there aren’t many places in time that I’d actually like to visit! They are all far too dangerous, primitive or down right stinky for me! So, where would I choose? It would have to be the 1950’s! I’ve always loved the fashion of that era, the post-war ‘lets all pull together’ attitude, being able to (confidently) leave your door unlocked or wide open, where everyone knows everyone!

I’m sure the reality of everyone knowing everyone else’s business would slightly taint my rose-tinted view of 1950’s Britain but I love the idea of a close community, street parties, old Mr Morris giving my Boy a ‘clip round the ear’ (that he wholeheartedly deserved) without repercussion and where every one respected the police and general authority.

I quite like the idea of people having to talk to each other face to face rather than text, email or via social media. It’s the human element of that era that appeals to me I think, the physical, social interaction that is lacking so much in our lives today. How many of us can go the full day without actually speaking to someone? I know I have, especially in the baby years (talking to your children doesn’t count!).

Eating was a family event back then, not the on-the-go way we often eat today. Food was virtually all organic and everyone had an allotment and grew their own. Meat was expensive so not always on the menu but when it was, it wasn’t cheap, battery farmed chicken, it was from the local butcher who was supplied by the local farm and not a ready meal in sight! I currently strive to achieve this way of eating with my family but it’s often impractical and expensive. How strange is it that nearly 80 years ago, it was easier to eat healthily than today?

I’m well aware of the not-so-pleasant side of life in the 1950s and of course society’s attitude to race, sexual orientation and gender is far superior today. Nevertheless, I would relish the chance to experience that era so that’s where I would choose, the good old 1950s!

Thanks Sonia!

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