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Time Traveller Guest Post Series

Time Traveller Guest Post SeriesWelcome to my Time Traveller series!

  • I love history, from the dark depths of centuries gone past, to more recent years. So I’ve reached out to my fellow bloggers and asked if they could go back in time, when would they travel to and why?

    First up, it’s Natasha from Kiddo Adventures:

    The early 2000s most definitely!

    It was such a cool and chilled time unlike today. In the year 2000 I was 7 so I would love to experience that time period at the age I’m at now.

    So why would I want to go back to that time?


    I’m a big fan of R’nb music but compared to the 90s/early 2000s, modem R’nb has been very disappointing. The music all sounds the same and it seems artists are putting in very little effort. From the song content to the music videos. It’s not the same anymore but thank God for youtube. I can always watch my favourite music videos from the past and relive how they made me feel.


    TV and movies were much better back then in my opinion. We had great shows like “The Fresh Prince” and cool movies like “Space Jam.” Now were bombarded with reality tv show after reality tv show. How many more season of the Kardashians do we need? I’m hoping 0 😀

    Fashion/Make up

    Glitter! Was literally everywhere. I use to see celebs like Christina A and Britney always wearing glitter in their performances and it made me want to wear it all the time. I don’t think wearing glitter now is as socially acceptable lol but that was a very fun period.

    There were also these cute little lip gloss brand (Lip Glow) but they came in every colour and flavour. I use to love collecting them all and they were super cheap.

    No Social media

    Social media wasn’t really a thing back then and I think that’s a good thing. I’m always on social media and it can be easy to get addicted to. I know my limits and know when to log off my social media platforms but it does make me worry for the future of children. When I was younger I would play outside constantly with my friends. These days kids just want to play on their phones. I hope this changes!

    Flip phones

    Flip phones were super cool and simple. Now we have complicated smartphones that cost a fortune to fix. A lot of people loved the fact you could slam the phone shut when having a heated conversation with someone which is always fun 😀The early 2000s were much simpler time. There are parts I do miss but you just have to move on with the times. It’s always great to reminisce though!


    Thanks Natasha!

    To find out more about Kiddo Adventures, be sure to check out Natasha’s blog:

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