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Time Traveller Guest Post Series

Time Traveller Guest Post Series

Welcome to my Time Traveller series!

I love history, from the dark depths of centuries gone past, to more recent years. So I’ve reached out to my fellow bloggers and asked if they could go back in time, when would they travel to and why?

This week I’m joined by Carol from Virtually All Sorts:

I love the whole idea of time travel and have studied so many times in history that totally intrigue me.  There’s the suffragettes who I would have undoubtedly joined if I’d been around; Jane Austen’s time where the social etiquette must have been frustrating but amusing.  Back in the day, I completed my dissertation on the adaptation of Pride and Prejudice to TV and I’d fly through a specialist subject round on Mastermind!

All that said, I’d totally love to go back to the Downton Abbey era (a quick google search tells me it’s Edwardian times – just after the Titanic sank).  The upstairs/downstairs hierarchy draws me in!

Ideally, I’d like to spend some time as both aristocracy and in domestic service but if I had to choose, I’d go for the gossipy, hard-grafting servant girl.  Maybe working my way up to Lady’s Maid.  The things they heard while the family dined, while they dressed the Ladies and when the family entertained!  The potential for blackmailing was immense and I’d love to be on some of the action!

And then there’s the eloquent and luxurious clothes if I were a Lady.  But I’d definitely have problems not speaking my mind and having to be uber polite to everyone I ever met.  I doubt I’d keep up with social etiquette…

The condition would be that I could return to my current life (particularly if I were a servant girl!).  Not too much to ask is it?

Thanks Carol! No, not too much to ask at all 😉

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