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Time Traveller Guest Post Series

Time Traveller Guest Post SeriesWelcome to my Time Traveller series!

I love history, from the dark depths of centuries gone past, to more recent years. So I’ve reached out to my fellow bloggers and asked if they could go back in time, when would they travel to and why?

This week I’m joined by Laura from Autumn’s Mummy:

I’ve always been very interested in history. When I was younger, I’d often spend ages mulling over when I’d go back to in history if time travel was invented. My two favourite periods are the Victorian era and the 1950’s. Victorian history is fascinating, but I love the fashion and advancements in daily life post-war.

As I’ve got older and since I lost my Grandad in 2006, however, my perspective has altered. Instead, I’d love to go back to the 1960’s. It would be great to see him again; young, happy and courting my Nan. I adore 1960’s fashion too and have spent hours admiring Twiggy’s photoshoots. My Nan didn’t have much money, but was always into fashion and always looked immaculate. So much so, that a few years ago a lady in her hometown actually recognised her on the High Street from all that time ago. It would be wonderful to see my 20-something old Nan walking down the High Street in her mini skirts with a colourful beaded hairband in her perfectly backcombed hair. I wonder if she’d help me to get an amazing 60’s makeover?

Likewise, it’d be interesting to see how my hometown looked when my Grandad was my age. So much has changed since then. To be honest, even since I was little in the 90’s, so much has been redeveloped. You just don’t notice how much change happens around you when you’re experiencing it on a daily basis. It would be great to see all the old buildings that have since been demolished. I’d love to see how the house I grew up in looked. Meanwhile, the house I live in now as well as the house my husband grew up in were just being built. It would be interesting to see them springing up.

My parents weren’t born until the 70’s, but it would be wonderful to meet my parents-in-law as young children and my grandparents-in-law. I’d particularly love to see my mother-in-law young and carefree, as unfortunately she died of cancer when my husband was a child and I never met her.

Lastly, I would be in my element looking at all the 1950’s and 1960’s cars around. Most cars just don’t really draw me in any more. Back then, cars were so much more interesting to look at. I love fins and chrome! When I got married in 2015 I searched long and hard for the perfect car. I considered a 1960 Chevrolet Bel Air. In the end we went for a 1958 Plymouth Savoy. I doubt they would really have really been over here as they were American. However, cars I adore that were definitely over here include Vauxhall Crestas, Morris Minors and Sunbeam Alpines.

Thank you Laura!

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