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Tissue paper vase

Tissue paper vases – I love these. I seriously love these. I think that they are one of my favourite quick and easy but very effective craft activities, and they make super gifts. They can add a really sweet touch to a room in your own home too and they look fab when filled with daffodils or other spring time blooms. When we came to sell our house I used these around our old home and I honestly believe that they helped to build a very friendly, welcoming, happy feel for our potential buyers.

Aside from being easy to make, they are good fun too. If you want to extend the activity you could even make tissue paper flowers to add to them!

Tissue paper vase components

This is what you need:

Tissue paper (assorted colours).
An empty glass jar (pasta sauce type size works well, or a larger jam jar).
PVA glue mixed with a little water (I use a plant saucer for this).
A paint brush (optional).

Shredded paper


1. Dip or brush strips of the tissue paper with the glue.
2. Press them gently on to the jar, taking care not to leave too much excess glue.
3. Repeat above steps until your glass is covered.
4. Leave to dry out of reach.
5. Voila! You have your vase.

Tissue paper on jar

Tissue paper vase in progress

Tissue paper vase
If you do decide to make flowers too, my chosen method is normally to twist a folded piece of tissue paper onto the end of a pipe cleaner. Again, assorted colours for that look really nice.

What’s your favourite craft activity?


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