Trials and Tribulations of a Pet Sitter

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Trials and Tribulations of a Pet Sitter Cover

About the book:

Hilarious and heart warming true stories of a Pet Sitter.

Laura takes us on her journey describing the immense joy that the animals have brought into her life. But it’s not all fun and games. With sometimes as many as ten dogs around her home, things can get a tad hectic. Not to forget the every day challenges faced in keeping the pets happy and safe when out walking. Luckily she is not alone in her quest; her unusually dominant Golden Retriever ‘Brece’ is always by her side. Brece earns her keep by convincingly playing the part of the alpha female, ensuring harmony amongst the pack.

​At times, the responsibility that Laura faces becomes overwhelming. She may think she has everything covered but that hand of fate could quite easily swoop down, creating havoc for her and the dogs. Laura has endured many close calls and teetered on the precipice of disaster may a time. The longer she continues with her pet sitting enterprise, the more likelihood that total disaster will actually strike. Is she tempting fate?

​Laura Marchant is the Bridget Jones of the pet sitting world!

Trials and Tribulations of a Pet Sitter - 16th November

What did I think?

Laura writes in a heart-warming and engaging manner about her experience as a pet sitter and dog walker. I loved the personalities of the dogs, from Rocky the English Pointer to Moses a Miniature Schnauzer, and really felt as though I was meeting them for myself. There are plenty of “oh no” moments and she doesn’t present herself as the most organised of walkers out there, but Laura’s love for her charges shines through her words and chapters, each one dedicated to a particular dog or escapade. She is always ready and willing to take on almost any dog, and the words “trials and tribulations” certainly seem fitting for her experience! I loved the idea of Brece, her own beautiful Golden Retriever whose photo features on the back cover, giving the new arrivals the once over too.

From romps along the beaches around Lytham St Annes, to hidey holes in closets at home, this book had me chuckling at the antics of each of the dogs. I would recommend it as a great light read for any dog lovers out there, whether you have your own four legged friend or not.

About the author:

Laura Marchant was born in 1959 in the seaside resort of Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, England. Both her parents were born in the same town, so not exactly a family of intrepid travellers! As a child Laura and her siblings were fortunate enough to own shares in the families pets. Unbeknown to Laura at the time, her love for the animals formed the blueprint for a large part of her life. In 2011 she finally found her vocation, and in the comfort of her own home, set up a pet boarding business. For the next 7 years she shared her abode with a pack of dogs. A lot of this time was spent watching over the animals and observing their behaviour, which in turn inspired her to write her first novel ‘Trials and Tribulations of a Pet Sitter’.

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N.B. Thank you to Laura Marchant for gifting me a copy of her book for review purposes, and to Rachel of Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me on this book tour. All thoughts are my own. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.