Under The Night Owl Duvet

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Night Owl Kingsize Duvet

During lockdown, like so many others, we have been spending much more time in our house. It is very much a work in progress, and we have become acutely aware of what still needs to be done to really throw it down the transitional path of house to home.

One particular point of focus at the moment is our bedroom, which is where The Fine Bedding Company have given us a helping hand recently, gifting us a delightful Night Owl duvet*.

The Fine Bedding Company is a luxury bedding company that prides itself on a long legacy of science and innovation. The top priority is sustainability and comfort, a perfect alignment to our own preferences when it comes to ‘Project House to Home’.  Not only that but I was pleased to see that the company take the responsibilities of their manufacturing process seriously too. They have a purpose built facility in Estonia that their Managing Director personally oversaw the set-up of. You can really get that feel of a family run company with big ideas that is great in an ever changing and hopefully slowly more responsible market.

When The Fine Bedding Company initially got in touch with me and asked if I would like to try one of their duvets, I was intrigued. Our existing duvet was rather worn at the edges and very difficult to fit in anything other than an industrial washing machine. That made it hard to clean on a regular basis, and not a good environmental fit for our lifestyle. Replacing it was causing a slight headache though. I hadn’t come across an environmentally friendly alternative, which is a vital box for us to tick when making design and furnishing choices.

They offered to gift me a Night Owl duvet, in exchange for my honest opinion. I took a closer look at The Fine Bedding Company website* and saw that the filling for this duvet is made from recycled PET bottles, which seemed like an ideal fit for our personal ethos. I was also impressed with the range of options in terms of size, tog rating and colours available. Another brilliant point for me is that the duvet can fit in a domestic washing machine, and it doesn’t need a cover, making laundry day a doddle compared to our current system of laundrette visits and duvet cover workouts.

Night Owl duvet

The duvet arrived in its own duffel bag, which I thought was a sweet touch*. As soon as I unpacked it, I could feel the soft fabric which I knew would be luxurious to sleep under. I was a little concerned though, that the duvet felt thin despite its 10.5 tog rating. I worried that during the cool nights we are experiencing at the moment it might not be warm enough. The first night was a real test. It was the beginning of what is being referred to in the media as the second ‘Beast from the East’. Yes, we have heating, but a cosy duvet is an absolute must, especially as I really feel the cold.

I need not have worried. Despite being lightweight the duvet is really warm, in fact the heat seems to spread through it making it an even and comfortable temperature. For the first time in ages I haven’t found myself pulling on several pairs of socks to keep my feet cosy through the night! I slept so soundly that I was surprised when I pulled back the curtains the following morning to see snow covering the garden.

Night Owl duvet set

The duvet is certainly meeting our expectations, and even exceeding them with regard to comfort and warmth. Our bedroom gets a lot of use and needs to be quite flexible in its function – moving from a daytime space to quietly relax, to a bedtime story snuggle spot with our boys, and finally to a sleep inducing oasis of calm. With the addition of this cosy Night Owl duvet we definitely feel one step closer to realising its full transformation.

Snuggled on a Night Owl duvet

* N.B. Packaging may vary, do check The Fine Bedding Company for details. Please note that this Night Owl duvet was gifted to me in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. For more information please see my disclosure page.