Weekending in Lyme Regis

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Lyme Regis

Last year in late October, at the end of what had been a pretty wet and windy half term week, we set off for a mini break to Lyme Regis. 2020 has not been the year that any of us expected it to be, but mini breaks are (local rules permitting) still possible, so I wanted to share our highlights of what was a lovely long weekend away.

View from the house

We chose Lyme Regis as our weekend destination in part because of the world famous Jurassic Coast, and opportunity to go fossil hunting. AirBnB offer a great range of accommodation options and we found a home on the hill with stunning views from the master bedroom out across the English Channel.

We arrived in time for a free, and spectacular fireworks display over the Cobb, and retired home with chips for tea (easy to find in a seaside town!).

Fireworks over The Cobb, Lyme Regis, Dorset

The following day we set out to explore. Our host had been very gracious in sharing local knowledge with us.

We started in town as the tide was high, and spent a lot of time looking around Dinosaurland Fossil Museum. Although it isn’t that big as museums go, the information boards are plentiful and dense, and the displays are fascinating. The boys learnt a lot and went round the museum multiple times to have a really good look and absorb it all.

Dinosaurland - looking down from the upstairs displays
Dinosaurland view from the gallery

After exercising our brains we took a gentle stroll into town and along the seafront. There were plenty of eateries along the way, and I dived into a vegan café for something savoury whilst the boys indulged in an ice cream.

On the advice of our host (and keeping an eye on tide timings) we headed to Lyme Regis East Beach in the afternoon with a picnic. The fossils there are plentiful, with professional fossil hunters among the amateurs, all of whom happily shared their knowledge and showed us their new treasures. Also on these beaches are remnants from a Victorian dump that are known to wash up on a regular basis. We found a lot of sea glass and some old pottery too. We also discovered ammonites (including a huge one!) and I found, but just as quickly lost, a fossilised star fish which is apparently quite rare.

The following day we packed up to leave and spent a relaxed day at Charmouth Beach. It wasn’t as good for fossil treasures, but the beach was lovely nonetheless, waves crashing along it as the very beginning of a storm rolled in. The Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre was lovely and well worth a visit. The staff were very helpful and engaged so well with young visitors, and there was lots to look at.

Playing at Charmouth
View across Charmouth

All too soon it was time for us to head back to the Midlands, but we will return, and if you take a trip to this beautiful spot I hope that this post might just help with some pointers of places to visit.

Have you been to Lyme Regis? What was your highlight? Do let me know in the comments below!

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