Whose Chair Are You Sitting On?

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Have you ever thought about how your office chair might influence your work? Neither had I until we moved our home office space between two rooms and as an interim measure I was using the piano stool to sit on.

“Are you comfortable on that?” my husband queried as he watched me intently zipping through my inbox one evening.

“Not really, but it’s the right height so it will work for now” I said, eyes unmoving from the screen.

“You look as though you’re typing out Beethoven’s Appassionata” he chuckled as he moved away leaving me to my work. He was referring  of course to the 3rd , allegro ma non troppo, movement. (As a side note, if you’re looking to listen to a great piece of piano music pop it on!).

I’d never thought of it before, but I suppose in some ways it must have looked like that. I am nowhere near to being at the standard of an accomplished concert pianist (think of a stilted version of “Twinkle Twinkle” and you’ll be along the right lines for my piano playing abilities) but I do (attempt) to pour the same level of enthusiastic creativity into my writing as I do into my piano playing.

Now sitting on a piano stool isn’t an entirely comfortable way to work at a computer (I’m certain that in an office environment it would get a huge red mark on a health and safety assessment) but it got me thinking. Do different chairs (or stools!) give off different vibes. Imagine if Blofeld (James Bond) for example, sat on a height adjustable blue fabric chair. I’m not sure he would quite pull of the image of a villain. Or if Miranda Priestly and Andy Sachs switched chairs in Priestly’s office (Devil Wears Prada). You get the picture.

So, if you have an office chair, who do you think it channels? Here are a couple of examples to get you going:

White Executive Office Chair

I would actually have loved to see Miranda Priestly sitting in this one. Or perhaps Tess McGill at the end of Working Girl or even Wilhelmina in Ugly Betty (I loved that show, bring it back please!!).

Red Burgundy Office Chair

This has Harvey Spector (Suits) written all over it. Or perhaps Walter Hobbs (Elf)?


Black Executive Office chair

Can anyone else see Bruce Wayne liking this one? Or maybe Don Draper!


White office chair

This is surely a great chair for Elle Woods (Legally Blonde)?


Red Kneeling Chair

Now, this one, I just can’t decide. Bernie Focker (Meet The Parents) perhaps? Who do you see sitting in it? Let me know in the comments!

Don’t forget to let me know whose chair you’re sitting on too 😉

Whose Chair Are You Sitting On?

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N.B. This is a collaborative post with Furniture At Work who have kindly given me permission to use these photographs. They have a huge selection of chairs so if you feel as though perhaps you’re channelling Bill and Ted instead of Superman head over and take a look! Please see my disclosure page for more information.


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19th May 2018


My desk chair is similar to Elle Woods style but I would love a Bruce Wayne style chair! #blogstravaganza

Haha, that is a very cool looking office chair!

Some lovely looking chairs here. I’m hopeless and sit on the sofa with my dogs on my lap while working on the laptop. As we ‘speak’ I’m twisting to the side typing! xx

My dog would love to sit on my lap if she could fit! Xx

We have just had to buy a new chair for Mr MC&W as he did not have a proper one and his back was really suffering. this is so important #Blogstravaganza

Yes, I totally agree. Posture is very important x

I desperately need a decent desk chair, though I l have a lovely workspace the chair is so flipping awful i often end up on the sofa. #blogstravaganza

It’s so important to be properly comfortable when working isn’t it? I’d like a new chair when we create our new office space later this year.

I feel like I channel my hubby when I sit on our office chair, LOL. (Which I don’t mind, he is awesome at what he does) He use to have it in his old office and when he started working from home he brought it home. He loves his chair – its all fancy with the ergonomic set up etc. #Blogstravaganza

That sounds like a great chair!

When I think about chairs it’s always about the right height and proper back support. That red one looks like a workbench? #blogstravaganza

Actually, kneeling chairs are often the best type for back support. I used to work in HR and was a huge advocate of them in the office. There are so many advantages, anyone with a bad back might find that they’re better off using one of these than a standard chair. This is mainly because they keep your posture ‘active’. It’s interesting though because I think they are sometimes overlooked when choosing office equipment.

My desk is up in the air, so I have to have a stool. I would love some of these really comfy looking ones though! Great post as always fellow #Blogstravaganza host! Xx

Your desk sounds intriguing! I confess that having researched chairs for this post I am rather taken with the idea of getting myself something more comfortable when I create my new office space.

Hi, I am lucky that I have a great chair at work but need to get one at home instead of my old wooden one #lgrtstumble

It can be so easy to forget that the ones we use at home are important too.

I used to sit on a dining chair and it was really uncomfortable. Now I have a comfy chair but in the evenings I’m on the sofa! #blogstravaganza

Sitting on the sofa with a laptop is easily done!

Hey Jo!

Those are some cool chairs. I have been working on improving my posture which suffered greatly after a recent injury. I have been doing various exercises and upgraded my home office setup. A great office chair is the next step I think.

I always liked the idea of something similar to the red kneeling chair but I am scared I will feel too uncomfortable haha :p

First off…very impressive topic selection. I must say this is best guide I have ever read regarding chairs. Great work. Thanks for sharing.

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