WUKA Wear and Periods

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WUKA medium flow pants
*Features a gifted product from WUKA

Periods. They throw up a lot of mixed views. So many people still don’t like to talk about them. Parents and guardians may find it an awkward topic of conversation with their daughters and sons, and products designed to help you through your monthly cycle can appear misleading. That’s before we get on to discussing complications and medical interventions, although that’s another post entirely.

I was recently gifted, by WUKA, a pair of midi brief medium flow period pants, and a pair of heavy flow stretch cotton period pants. These pants are specifically designed with a view to reducing waste, minimising the risk of leaks, and offering comfort during what can be a difficult time of the month for some. I count myself lucky that post children my periods aren’t painful, but I had heard that wearing reusable products can help here too (to be clear I’m talking cramping, not endometriosis type of pain). I have been on a bit of a mission to research this fully, and have found the following:

  • There is no hard evidence of reusable period products lessening pain unless you would normally use a tampon or cup, in which case they could offer relief to localised discomfort.
  • That said, there is no risk of toxic shock syndrome with products such as the WUKA period pants, and you can safely wear them for 12 hours.
  • The product should not feel wet until it is ready to be changed, so you may feel more secure and comfortable as a result of using pants anyway. You may even feel less aware of your period as you don’t anxiously wait for the moment that you think you need to go and change a pad or tampon.

Everyone is unique

Menstruation is never a one size fits all situation. Every single person will feel things differently and people will have different cycles and flows. I have to say that, for myself, I was nervous about stepping into a pair of period pants. It took me back to my younger years when I got caught out in town, started a period and had to go and buy some sanitary towels whilst trying to dodge any men in the shop queue. I then scuttled off to the toilets as though I was doing something illegal, not sorting out a perfectly natural monthly occurrence.

For the purposes of this review I tried the medium flow pants. On opening the pants, the fabric felt really soft to the touch and looked very well made. The material contains 17.2% elastane on the outer layer which I imagine helps to ensure a snug fit for a leak free period. It struck me that it was nice to have the material breakdown of what they were made from, something you have to take a good long look for with disposable sanitary products! Whilst I haven’t used the WUKA pants on a super heavy day, I can tell that they will change my anxiety about trying them for that too.

WUKA medium flow pants

They wash well, I gave mine a quick rinse through in cold water then chucked them in with the rest of my normal washing and everything was fine. I have only washed mine once at the time of writing this post, but they look as though they have retained their shape and elasticity well. What’s more, there was no leakage whilst wearing them, so I didn’t need to worry about sorting stains on other garments pre-washing.

Moving away from disposables

Disposable sanitary products can add up to 200kg per person over their lifetime. This will of course change from person to person, with pregnancy, illness, flow and so on.  Each disposable pad contains approximately 90% plastic, and each tampon contains around 6%. These statistics may not only seem surprising, but also worrying in an age when we are trying to move away from single use plastic and reduce the amount that goes into landfill. To put an even more horrifying statistic into the mix, according to the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics a disposable sanitary pad can take up to 800 years to decompose. One pad. 800 years.


So what about WUKA? Would I buy from them to top up my monthly wardrobe and make a permanent switch to period pants? It has to be a resounding yes. Their pants feel comfortable and secure, they will help me to move away from disposable alternatives and, whilst I may not have many years of menstruating left, it’s never too late to make a change. If they do start to lose their absorbency after around 2 years of use, then aside from the elastic waistband the rest of the garment is perfectly safe to cut up and bury in the soil to decompose (which all being well will happen in my lifetime, I might add!).

Over and above all of this I would encourage you to read about their founder’s experience both in terms of period shaming and then of her determination to make a change. Who better to buy from than a company founded by someone like Ruby.

WUKA heavy flow pants

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*N.B. I was gifted the WUKA period pants in exchange for my honest opinion. All thoughts are, as always, my own. For more information please take a look at my disclosure page.

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